On Your Way To Thailand

On your way to Thailand are you? Is it your first time or are you a seasoned veteran? Either way, you will benefit from our site. We are more geared towards the newbie traveler, but I am sure you will find something useful from our site even if you are a seasoned traveler or expat.

This site isn’t for everyone though. We specifically have a target audience of single males from the ages of 18 and up. You’re never too old for the Thai experience that we want to show you.

If you are married, please don’t use our site for your enjoyment. This is for single guys only as we don’t want to be responsible for your divorce. Yes, it happens. Married men travel to Thailand alone and get caught up in the life. Thai women are very different from western women. They love straightforward talk – saying it as it is. I think this is part of the appeal, as you know too many times hearing the stories of men trying to understand women.

Also, Thai women don’t get offended easily like women in the west. With all the PC culture going on, feminism, etc., Thailand is a massive departure from all that. There is no PC culture here. When i say here, I mean that I am actually writing this in Bangkok so yes, I have experience here as well as my friends.

So when you plan on going to your trip, don’t book anything just yet. Our site will go into detail on what you should do, how to book your hotels and places you should see.

Stay tuned because it is gonna be a wild ride!

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