How to Book a Guest Friendly Hotel

You’re on a limited budget. You’re going to Thailand because you have heard that it’s pretty cheap there. If this sounds like you, then this article is for you. If you plan on being one of those ‘sex tourists’ by visiting the red light districts of Thailand, then aside from having safe sex you should also consider saving money and avoiding embarrassment.

So what do i mean by this? Well, there’s a thing in Thailand with the hotels called joiner fees. You see, unlike in the west, you can bring an unregistered guest to your room most of the time without question, have parties, etc. But in Thailand and especially in the tourist areas, some hotels want to protect their image by not allowing Thai hookers, also known as bargirls or go-go dancers into their hotel without being a registered guest. What I mean by that is when you check in, if it’s only your name on the registry than anyone else you want to bring to your room would be considered an unregistered guest.

So how do you solve this problem?

Really there is no way. If you stay at a hotel where they don’t allow unregistered guests, they will either deny your guest’s entry or make you pay a fee, commonly known as a joiner fee. This fee can be as high as 1500 baht. If you want to avoid paying those fees, then you need to book your hotel from a site like On this site they will show you which hotels are guest friendly in the major hotspots like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

You Could Call Hotels Individually

One other way is to decide which hotel you like and call them to ask. They will be pretty upfront with you with this information but it is pretty time consuming. Another issue is if the staff is not well trained on this, there’s a chance that they could give you wrong information. For example if they charge joiner fees maybe they might give you a wrong price. Or, worse off confuse an unregistered  guest with a registered guest and say it’s free. When you book a hotel they normally ask for 1 or 2 people so they might assume you are talking about this.

One thing to mention is that when you do book a hotel, make sure you choose the 2 person option, even if the hotel is guest friendly. Normally there is no extra costs associated with this and you can check yourself if you wish by selecting the one person option and see if the price changes.

Best to Book Online

This all seems like a hassle so really the best thing you should do is just book your guest freindly hotel online. The site mentioned is good and there’s a handful of others but this one we found to be updated often. Hotel policies change in Thailand along with a lot of things, so you can never be too careful.


Traveling To Thailand as a Single Guy

Are you a single guy looking to make your travels in Thailand? If you are, you’ll need a great guide to help you around and to understand the many facets of Thailand. Our site focuses mainly on Thailand nightlife, hotel bookings, and the red light district in popular places like Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. Those are in Bangkok but we also help you out if you are traveling to Phuket or Pattaya as well.

Going to Thailand as a single guy is very exciting. If you have never been before you will need help in getting around the country. At first, it can be very confusing but once you know how to get around it becomes quite easy.

In the touristy areas most people will speak english so you should not have a problem. If someone does not speak english there are many foreigners around that will so you could always ask them for guidance.

One thing you will need to understand is how the nightlife works. A lot of the women that work in bars, g0-go clubs and more are basically prostitutes. Here, you can book a short time or long time session with them. Short time is about an hour, long time is all night. Prices range from 2000 baht to 5000 baht.

If you are going to take a girl back to your room, make sure that your hotel is guest friendly. I have seen so many guys get burned where they have to pay a joiner fee for their lady guest. Sometimes this can cost around 1000 baht but the average is around 500. Either way, that money should have gone towards the barfine for the club or drinks. So, why not stay at a guest friendly hotel so you won’t have this issue right?

So much to discuss and so little time especially if you are leaving soon. Just take our advice and you will have a great time in Thailand.

On Your Way To Thailand

On your way to Thailand are you? Is it your first time or are you a seasoned veteran? Either way, you will benefit from our site. We are more geared towards the newbie traveler, but I am sure you will find something useful from our site even if you are a seasoned traveler or expat.

This site isn’t for everyone though. We specifically have a target audience of single males from the ages of 18 and up. You’re never too old for the Thai experience that we want to show you.

If you are married, please don’t use our site for your enjoyment. This is for single guys only as we don’t want to be responsible for your divorce. Yes, it happens. Married men travel to Thailand alone and get caught up in the life. Thai women are very different from western women. They love straightforward talk – saying it as it is. I think this is part of the appeal, as you know too many times hearing the stories of men trying to understand women.

Also, Thai women don’t get offended easily like women in the west. With all the PC culture going on, feminism, etc., Thailand is a massive departure from all that. There is no PC culture here. When i say here, I mean that I am actually writing this in Bangkok so yes, I have experience here as well as my friends.

So when you plan on going to your trip, don’t book anything just yet. Our site will go into detail on what you should do, how to book your hotels and places you should see.

Stay tuned because it is gonna be a wild ride!